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Worcester Health Center

  • About Worcester Health Center

  • Services Offered

    • Primary Care
    • Dental Care
    • Mental Health Services
    • Preventative Screenings
  • Special Programs

    • Diabetes Management Program
    • Smoking Cessation Program
    • Weight Management Program
    • Behavioral Health Program
  • Health Education

    • Nutrition Counseling
    • Exercise Classes
    • Chronic Disease Management Education
    • Sexual Health Education
  • Meet the Team

    • Primary Care Physicians
    • Dentists
    • Mental Health Counselors
    • Nurses
  • Insurance and Payment Options

    • Accepted Insurances
    • Sliding Fee Scale
    • Payment Plans
    • Medicaid/Medicare Assistance
  • Patient Resources

    • New Patient Forms
    • Medical Records Request
    • Patient Portal Access
    • Prescription Refills
  • Locations and Hours

    • Worcester Health Center - Main Campus
    • Worcester Health Center - North
    • Worcester Health Center - South
    • Hours of Operation
  • Contact Us

    • Phone
    • Email
    • Physical Address
    • Driving Directions
  • News and Events

    • Health Fairs
    • Vaccination Clinics
    • Campaigns or Promotions
    • Community Outreach Programs

About Worcester Health Center

Worcester Health Center is a comprehensive healthcare facility that offers a wide range of services including primary care, dental care, mental health services, and preventative screenings. The center is committed to providing quality healthcare to the community and has a team of experienced physicians, dentists, nurses, and mental health counselors who work together to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Services Offered

The primary care services offered at Worcester Health Center include routine checkups, immunizations, and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. The center also provides dental care services such as cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Mental health services are available to help patients deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. Preventative screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and blood tests are also available to help patients detect and prevent diseases early on.

Special Programs

Worcester Health Center offers several special programs to help patients manage their health. The Diabetes Management Program is designed to help patients with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels and prevent complications. The Smoking Cessation Program provides support and resources to help patients quit smoking. The Weight Management Program is designed to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The Behavioral Health Program offers counseling and therapy services to help patients cope with emotional and psychological issues.

Health Education

The center provides health education services to help patients learn how to live healthy lifestyles. Nutrition counseling is available to help patients make better food choices and improve their overall health. Exercise classes are offered to help patients stay active and improve their physical fitness. Chronic disease management education is also available to help patients learn how to manage their conditions and prevent complications. Sexual health education is provided to help patients make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Meet the Team

The team at Worcester Health Center includes primary care physicians, dentists, mental health counselors, and nurses. All members of the team are dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients. They work together to ensure that patients receive comprehensive and coordinated care.

Insurance and Payment Options

Worcester Health Center accepts most major insurance plans. For patients without insurance, the center offers a sliding fee scale based on income. Payment plans are also available for those who need them. Medicaid and Medicare assistance is available for those who qualify.

Patient Resources

The center provides several resources for patients to help them manage their healthcare needs. New patient forms are available online to help patients save time during their first visit. Medical records can be requested online or in person. The patient portal allows patients to access their medical information and communicate with their healthcare providers. Prescription refills can also be requested online.

Locations and Hours

Worcester Health Center has three locations: Main Campus, North, and South. Each location has different hours of operation, which can be found on the center's website.

Contact Us

Patients can contact Worcester Health Center by phone, email, or in person. The center's physical address and driving directions can be found on the website.

News and Events

Worcester Health Center regularly hosts health fairs, vaccination clinics, and community outreach programs. The center also runs campaigns and promotions to encourage patients to take control of their health. Upcoming events can be found on the center's website.

People Also Ask About Worcester Health Center

What services does Worcester Health Center offer?

Worcester Health Center offers a range of medical services including primary care, pediatric care, women's health, behavioral health, and dental care.

Do I need health insurance to receive care at Worcester Health Center?

No, Worcester Health Center provides care to all patients regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. Sliding scale fees are available for those who qualify.

Are same-day appointments available at Worcester Health Center?

Yes, same-day appointments are often available at Worcester Health Center for urgent medical needs. Patients can call to schedule an appointment or walk-in for care.

What languages are spoken at Worcester Health Center?

Worcester Health Center provides interpretation services for many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Vietnamese. Patients can request an interpreter when scheduling an appointment.