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Findlay, Ohio's Trusted Haven for Mental Well-being

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Unlocking Hope and Healing: Mental Health Services in Findlay, Ohio

Mental health challenges can affect anyone, regardless of age or background. If you're experiencing difficulties, know that there is help available in Findlay, Ohio. Accessing the right mental health services can empower you to regain your balance, improve your well-being, and reach your full potential.

Recognizing the Need for Support

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other mental health concern, it's important to seek professional help. Ignoring these issues can lead to worsening symptoms, isolation, and diminished quality of life. If you're experiencing persistent sadness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, or changes in sleep or appetite, consider reaching out to a mental health provider in Findlay.

Addressing the Gaps in Care

Mental health services in Findlay aim to bridge the gap between those in need and the resources available to them. These services are designed to provide comprehensive care that meets the diverse needs of individuals and families. From counseling and therapy to crisis intervention and support groups, there is a range of options to support individuals on their journey towards recovery.

Empowering Individuals and Families

The ultimate goal of mental health services in Findlay is to empower individuals and their loved ones to manage mental health challenges and improve their overall well-being. By providing access to professional support, these services strive to create a network of care that helps individuals regain control of their lives, build resilience, and achieve their mental health goals.

Mental Health Services in Findlay, Ohio: A Guide to Support and Resources

Findlay, Ohio, is home to a range of mental health services designed to provide support and resources to individuals in need. From crisis hotlines to comprehensive treatment programs, there are options available to meet diverse needs.

Accessing Help in a Mental Health Emergency

Findlay Ohio Mental Health Hotline

Mental Health Hotlines

  • National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
  • Findlay-Hancock County Hotline: 1-800-567-7932

Walk-In Services

Findlay Ohio Walk-In Mental Health Services

  • Mercy Health Findlay Behavioral Health Center: 1011 West Main Cross Street, Findlay, OH 45840
  • Community Behavioral Health Partners of Ohio: 530 Trenton Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840

Outpatient Therapy

Findlay Ohio Outpatient Mental Health Services

  • Findlay Behavioral Medicine: 2715 Tiffin Avenue, Suite 200, Findlay, OH 45840
  • Findlay Counseling Center: 1100 South Main Street, Findlay, OH 45840
  • Hope Recovery Center of Findlay: 1300 West Main Cross Street, Findlay, OH 45840

Inpatient Treatment

Findlay Ohio Inpatient Mental Health Services

  • Mercy Health Findlay Behavioral Health Center: 1011 West Main Cross Street, Findlay, OH 45840
  • Riverside Behavioral Health Hospital: 1706 Blanchard Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840

Support Groups and Resources

Findlay Ohio Mental Health Support Groups

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (N chalAMFonti): 419-425-3000
  • Anxiety and Depress Support Groups: Find support groups at local churches, community centers, and the Findlay Hancock County Public Library.

Resources for Specific Populations

  • Youth: Findlay City Schools Mental Health Services, 419-422-4573
  • Veterans: The Findlay VA clinic offers mental health services, 419-423-3400
  • Seniors: Senior Services of Hancock County, 419-422-3584

Getting Help: Tips and Resources

  • Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider: They can assess your symptoms and make referrals if necessary.
  • Contact a crisis hotline: If you're experiencing a mental health emergency, don't wait to seek help.
  • Visit a walk-in service: For immediate support and assessment.
  • Consider outpatient therapy: For regular sessions to address mental health concerns.
  • explore inpatient treatment: if your symptoms require more extensive care.
  • Join a support group: Find support and connect with others who understand what you're going through.
  • Take advantage of community resources: Many organizations offer programs and services to support mental health.


Findlay, Ohio, offers a wide range of mental health services to address various needs. From crisis hotlines and walk-in services to comprehensive therapy and support programs, individuals can find the resources they need to support their mental well-being. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and there are many options available to assist you on your journey toward recovery.

Unique Fa

  1. What's the difference between a mental health hotline and a crisis hotline?
  • Mental health hotlines provide information and support, while crisis hotlines focus on immediate assistance for individuals experiencing a mental health emergency.
  1. Is it possible to get mental health services without insurance?
  • Some agencies offer services on a case-by-case basis even if you don't have insurance.
  1. How do I find a mental health professional who specializes in a specific area?
  • Ask for referrals from your healthcare provider or search online for professionals with experience in your area of need.
  1. What are some tips for supporting someone with mental health issues?
  • Be patient, understanding, and non-judgmental. Encourage them to seek professional help and provide support as needed.
  1. Can mental health conditions be treated or managed?
  • Yes, many mental health conditions can be effectively managed through therapy, medication, or other treatment options.
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